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      武漢華科天元環保有限公司(華科水處理技術研究所)下設武漢天元水務有限公司是湖北省認定的高新企業,主要從事水處理領域的研究與發展,公司在廢水處理領域是國內專業研究并致力于解決化工廢水治理中的高鹽,高COD,高氨氮,等難點問題 的機構 目前以 MVR-T晶種除鹽技術,HABR技術,液膜除氨氮,及其他膜技術為依托;開發出MVR-T蒸發器除鹽設備,MVR高COD蒸發器,高氨氮廢水處理設備,膜分離設備 已廣泛成功運用在石油化工,醫藥中間體,染料中間體等行業的廢水處理,物料濃縮,純水制備,中水處理等領域;

          公司通過合并合作取長補短,繼承了科研單位的優良傳統與技術成果,也融合了現代企業成熟、開放的經營思想。堅持以人為本,以科技人員為主體,尊重知識,尊重人才,注重人才結構合理配置;注重培訓和提高;注重綜合吸收高校的智力資源。從而使公司擁有了一支實力雄厚的人才隊伍;摸索出了一套獨特先進的管理體系。在武漢公司擁有200多畝的加工生產基地和多個下屬分廠,并擁有同行中精良高端的加工設備。二十六年來公司通過全面的營銷網絡為電力、電子、化工、食品、醫藥、國防等行業提供高效優質的產品與服務。目前產品暢銷全國及港澳臺、東南亞、中東、非州、巴西等多個國家和地區。 公司在全國同行中率先通過ISO9001質量管理體系認證;ISO14001環境管理體系認證;OHSAS18001職業健康安全管理體系認證并陸續取得了多個發明專利,成為同行專利較多的企業。天元公司將繼續立足科技創新與新技術、新產品的開發、推廣。力爭使本公司發展成為技術服務一流的企業,以便為廣大新老客戶提供更多、更全、更好的服務。

              Wuhan Huake Tianyuan Water Engineering Co. Ltd(formerly Tianyuan Water Engineering Co. Ltd and Huake Water Treatment Technology Institute),is the first identified high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province. It specializes mainly in the field of water treatment research and development. Through the ways of merger and co-operation, the company not only inherits the fine traditions and technological achievements of the mainland scientific research institutions but also combines the mature and open business ideas of Taiwan’s modern enterprises. In our company, we adhere to the human-oriented principle, treat the technological personnel as the main body, and respect knowledge and talents; we emphasize the appropriate allocation of the composition of trained personnel, training and improvement, as well as the absorption of the intellectual resources in colleges and universities. In this way, the company owns a strong contingent of qualified personnel and managed to sum up a unique set of advanced management system.He company has 30 acres of processing and production base and a number of subordinate branches in Wuhan. What’s more, it has the most sophisticated and high-end processing equipment in the business. In the past twenty-six years, the company provides efficient and high-quality products and service for the industries of electricity, electronics, metallurgy, municipality, food, medicine, and national defense through a comprehensive marketing network. At present, our products are popular in the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil and other countries and regions.Our company takes the lead in the national counterparts that pass ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OhSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Moreover, the company successively obtains a number of invention patents, which is also superior in this business.Based on scientific and technological innovation and the development and promotion of new products, Tianyuan Water Engineering Company will strive to make our company develop into a first-class technology service company so as to provide more comprehensive and better service for our new and old customers.